Our Sansar means “Our Family, Our World” in Nepali and Hindi.

We focus on street and other vulnerable children in the region of Nepal bordering India, because they receive very little help from the government and other NGOs. We keep our operational costs extremely low so that we are able to help more children with our limited funds.

Our current projects include:

Children’s Home for Street Children

We have been running it since 2013 and the children who have nowhere else to go receive care, education, skills training, counselling, and opportunities for bright futures. The main aim of the project is to link the children with their families where this is possible/

Child Helpline

We have been running it since 2018 and the children come from a variety of backgrounds (street, child labour, abuse, neglect, trafficking). They all receive care, education, training, counselling and when possible are linked with their families. Some children attend just day time classes with us if they have a place to stay at night but there is noone to look after them during the day, resulting in them usually working on the streets or begging.

Children’s Protection Centre

A safe house for girls who have been victims of gender based violence including rape, trafficking, domestic violence or other trauma. We are running this project in collaboration with another UK charity, Pipal Tree, since early 2021. We provide the girls with counselling, care, education, training and legal support for them and their families to prosecute the perpetrators.

End to Child Labour project

We have been running this project run since early 2022 and aimed at eliminating child labour through the provision of education for the children who have been working at brick factories, and basic support for their parents. All the students are from the Dalit castes.

Education Programme

We have been running it since 2010. We provide small support to various schools, currently to an all-girls school near Birgunj by provision of computers, science laboratory equipment and a computer teacher.

EmpowerHER: Right, Protection and Hope
Did you know that 1 in 2 girls in Southern Nepal are married when they are still children? 
Did you know that 1 in 3 girls in the area are subjected to violence? 

We help girls such as 13-year-old Rani who was admitted to our safe house after being on the intensive care unit at hospital for almost a month due to illness and injuries. Her father abused her and then abandoned the family. Her mother was killed in front of her by a truck. The driver is an influential politician so the police never arrested him. Rani is staying with us and receiving urgently needed support. We are working on future plans for her. 

Our safe house in Janakpur provides shelter, counselling, education, medical and legal support and skills training to give the girls’ the opportunity of a brighter future. They are not alone anymore. They are safe. They are empowered. 

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